Funding Information

How can I get funding for ABA services for my child with Autism?

In 2010 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed a law requiring private insurance companies to fund services for the treatment of Autism. This law is commonly refered to as ARICA (Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Autism). Most ABA services are covered under this law.

In addition, starting in 2015, MASSHealth also began to fund services for the treatment of Autism. For additional information check out the great links below provided by

Vermont families may also choose to access ABA services for the treatment of Autism. Most families in VT may be covered through Vermont Medicaid (Green Mountain Care), Blue Cross Blue Shield of VT, and Cigna.

What are the next steps?

  1. Contact us to begin the referal process.
  2. We will gather some basic information to determine if you are eligible to receive services through insurance. View our Referral Process
  3. If eligible, we can then request a prior authorization for services. Usually an evaluation is ordered by the insurance company.
  4. We submit the necessary paperwork to the insurance company to authorize services.
  5. Once insurance approves services, we can begin!

What insurances does BenchmarkABA accept?

We accept most major public and private insurances. Please Contact Us for a complete list. Below are the common insurance plans we accept.

We accept MassHealth We accept Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership We accept Green Mountain Care and VTMedicaid We accept Health New England
We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont We accept Beacon Strategies, Beacon Options, and Beacon Legacy We accept Tufts